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profit margins, lol

Posted in Apple, Hardware, Idiots, Offtopic, Software by mrsli on February 9th, 2009

The wire is buzzing this morning with some big news. Let’s start off with a little Apple smackdown before moving into the latest Microsoft attempt to synthetically increase profit margins.

Psystar has officially won its first major anti-trust suit against Apple. A judge has ruled that Psystar may continue its countersuit actions. This is a boon to hardware companies and, regardless of what Apple would like to believe, a boon to them as well. They are essentially being forced to enter an alternative market and we can only hope to see a universal version of OS X sometime soon.

[Slashdot via Computer World]

In the spirit of helping that right along, Microsoft has announced that the starter version of Windows 7 will be limited to a maximum of two concurrently running applications based on the “average user.” You read that correctly. Microsoft is attempting to increase their profit margins by crippling their cheapest version of Windows 7. This is an obvious attempt to drive up the price of netbooks by pushing users towards a minimum of Windows 7 Home Premium.

[Slashdot via PC Pro]

Lastly, in my daily trolling of Slashdot (not twitter trolling, I promise), it looks like The Woz will be on the next season of Dancing With The Stars! Finally, watchable reality television.

[Slashdot via BBC]


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