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technobabble, post-superbowl

Posted in Idiots, Interblag, Offtopic by mrsli on February 2nd, 2009

In true geek fashion, I took little interest in the Superbowl, tuning in mainly for commercials. I did manage to catch the amazing Steelers play. But reset assured, fellow nerds, I still have no idea who was involved and likewise, who the MVP was for the game.

Now back to your regularly scheduled blogging after the break.

Unfortunately for women everywhere, The View continues its tradition of an overwhelming dedication to the worthless political correctness to the point of almost mental retardation. Today’s upset? Wii Fit calling our precious snowflakes obese. I think Demafer may have taken it a little far with the politics, since Elisabeth does seem to stray too far from Wii Fit specifically or even use the words “liberal” or “devil,” but damn, how disconnected from reality can one show get? The world may be flat, they wonder. Wonder away.

[Via Defamer]

In we’re-all-probably-screwed fud news, Demonoid’s nameservers were down all day yesterday. All three of them. I’d like to know how that even happens, considering Demonoid owns their own nameservers. Three nameservers all going down at once? Something seems fishy to me. Word around the campfire is that Demonoid is back on its feet today, but that gave me a but of a scare.


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